Our Clients Say It All for Us

"CORE21 is located in the heart of downtown Oshawa, surrounded by many local businesses that we rely on a daily basis. It's a wonderful feeling, coming in, knowing I will be interacting with other entrepreneurs and some great minds. The space is bright and colorful and the atmosphere is welcoming. I'm able to be more productive in this very functional environment."


CORE21 Review - Laryn

"CORE21 really reflects the clients that we serve at Spark Centre. They're young, they think in very innovative way. The space really reflects that, it's very open space, modern, it kind of reflects the creativity of our clients, so we're very proud to bring clients here. We have lots of tours coming through the space because they do want to see where we work, and CORE21 really allows us to show off our clientele and it is the perfect match for our space."

Ashlin Milley
Spark Centre

"What do I like about CORE21? It's a happening place. It's never the same place twice. It's a very warm and welcoming place where you can come and do some work or chat with fellow entrepreneurs just if you want sort of some support, or meet new people. I've got a number of business opportunities from people that I've met here at CORE21."

Ann Dulhanty
The Spider's Edge

"One of the reasons I enjoy working in this environment is, when it comes down to it, cost. I am able to keep my prices low because my overhead is low. By having a low overhead, I am cost very competitively in comparison to other methods. The feedback I've received from clients has been very positive. They like the professional environment."

Robert Shiell
Ideal Medication Inc.

"Because I've got so many clients in Toronto, I was working out of co-working spaces there, and the fact that there was a co-working office opening up in Oshawa was a huge draw for me...I came to the grand opening and I took a look around, and I fell in love with it, so I knew that this was the place for me. The atmosphere is great. I've tried out quite a few different co-working spaces in Toronto, and for me, the atmosphere at CORE 21is a real separator."

Sean Power