A Work Friendly, Creative Environment in the Heart of Oshawa

CORE21 provides 11,000 square feet of versatile work and meeting space with all the needed business centre amenities such as Wi-Fi, a fully equipped communications and copy centre, and a lounge area with a wide range of refreshments.

It attracts entrepreneurs, big and small businesses, start ups, community groups and those needing temporary space on a short or longer term basis in the heart of a revitalized downtown Oshawa.

In fact, it is home to more than 45 businesses and community groups.  But CORE21 is more than just a space.

CORE21 was started in 2013 by several local businesses to improve the downtown community and see the entrepreneurial spirit thrive in the city.  So it has a strong purpose that is reflected in the atmosphere here.

We call it #COREmmunity.  A friendly, nurturing, collaborative environment that draws busy and creative people like yourself because it is just the right place to be and work.  You might come at first only to rent some space to work or to have a meeting with others or just get away from the hubbub somewhere else.

But you will find yourself wanting to come back time and again because of the COREmmunity!  It is just a great place to work.