#Coremmunity - It Makes Core21 A Unique Place to Meet and Work

It is something we just can't stress enough - we have a unique atmosphere that you will enjoy while getting your work done, whether you are with us just for a day or much longer.

CORE21 is more than just providing office space or being a business centre.

We have become home to more than 45 businesses and groups because they have made us their home.  They like our shared open-concept space but, more so, they like the networking opportunities they find with other individuals at CORE21. They also love our convenient location.

Whether it’s renting a private office or desk or using a seat at our communal hot desk, we provide our clients with an affordable office option.  It allows them to professionally present themselves in an urban downtown setting, complete with modern decor, a welcoming reception area, and a variety of amenities including Wi-Fi access,  meeting and event rooms, mail and address services, and coffee services.  They also have the opportunity to interact with a diverse community of business professionals working in our region.

That's COREmmunity.  Join us.

See Our #COREMMUNITY in Action

CORE21 community